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A Sneak Peek for the 12th Day of Christmas

January 3, 2018 7:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We’re on day 10 of our 12 days of Christmas Sale! Every day, the sale changes and covers a different genre of Bible resources. But on day 12 (coming up on Friday!) we will have all the days on sale AT THE SAME TIME. It is going to be a little crazy. And we feel like we are going a little crazy from all the planning and scheduling. But here’s a list of the discounts we’ve had so far: DAY ONE New & Popular Bible Translations DAY TWO Study Bibles DAY THREE Top Authors & Devotionals Greek & Hebrew Tools DAY FOUR Word Study Bibles DAY FIVE Bible Dictionaries DAY SIX Bible Commentaries DAY SEVEN Bible Study Tools DAY EIGHT Cross References & Concordances DAY NINE Maps & Visual Titles DAY TEN Quick Reference Titles (TODAY’S SALE!) GET READY FOR DAY 12 On Friday, you will not only be able to access the sales from days 1-10, but also day 11! Jump onto to see the best sales of the entire year.

Look Inside: Maps & Atlases

January 1, 2018 3:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

3 WAYS TO USE MAPS & ATLASES Maps and atlases are great tools in the Olive Tree Bible App. You’ll be able to quickly see the region you’re reading about and gain more insight about the Bible. Here’s a look inside on the ESV Bible Atlas. FULL SCREEN MAPS Enlarge a map to fill the whole screen. Zoom in and learn more! OPEN IN THE STUDY CENTER The Resource Guide will let you know when you have a map that corresponds to the text you’re reading in the main window. Just tap and enter into the Bible lands. OPEN THE ATLAS By opening the atlas in the main window, you’ll find lots of articles and content surround each map to give you more insight. PICK OUT AN ATLAS Head on over to our to see all of our atlases and map resources.

How To: Cross References

December 31, 2017 3:00 pm Published by 7 Comments

IT’S EASY The best way to understand a passage of Scripture is to read other passages of Scripture related to it. Learn more about cross references in this short video! PICK OUT A CROSS REFERENCE PACK Head on over to our to see all of our cross reference packs.

How To: Commentaries

December 29, 2017 3:00 pm Published by 2 Comments

HOW DO COMMENTARIES WORK IN THE APP? Kyle from Support made a new video showcasing how easy it is to use commentaries in the Olive Tree Bible App. Check it out!PICK OUT A COMMENTARY Head on over to our to see all of our available commentaries.

How To: Dictionaries in the App

December 28, 2017 3:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

HERE ARE 3 WAYS TO USE A BIBLE DICTIONARY WITH OLIVE TREE All of the screenshots are taken from our Mac app. But you can use this resource in all the same ways on your phone or tablet. 1) RESOURCE GUIDE The first way is through the Split Window and Resource Guide.  Open your favorite Bible translation in the main window and the Resource Guide in the Split Window.  As you read through your Bible text, the Resource Guide searches through all the downloaded resources in your library to find related Bible study content. You’ll notice that the Resource Guide pulls related content from all of your downloaded resources.  If you scroll down the Resource Guide results, you will see the section headings “People,” “Places,” and “Topics.”  These headings give you the results of articles based on your downloaded resources. Click on the person/place/topic you want to learn more about. I chose “Nebo” in this example.  Our app then brings you results from within the resources you have on your device.  We’ll look at theNew Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible (NIBD) within the Resource Guide as an example. You’ll notice that the resource has the words “Article to Nebo” underneath the book cover.... View Article

Look Inside: Strong’s Tagged Bibles

December 27, 2017 3:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

GET INSIDE A STRONG’S TAGGED BIBLE If you’ve ever used a Strong’s concordance before, you know that it requires a LOT of page flipping (and paper cuts if you aren’t careful!). At Olive Tree, we decided that there had to be a better, faster, and easier way to do quick word studies. So, we tagged our Bibles with Strong’s. What does that mean? Watch the video to find out. We hope you’ll be impressed. PICK OUT A STRONG’S TAGGED BIBLE Head on over to our to see all of our Strong’s Tagged Bibles!

How To: Reading Plans & Devotionals

December 26, 2017 3:00 pm Published by 1 Comment

1) DEVOTIONALS VS. READING PLANS When looking at enhanced devotionals on, you will quickly see what sets them apart from simple reading plans that walk through the Bible. These are well-crafted, thought-out devotional books that you might think to buy at a bookstore. They all contain great content meant to encourage and inspire you. Some devotionals pick a certain passage of Scripture to talk about each day. Meanwhile, other devotionals may be topical. On our website, you will see familiar names like Ann Voskamp, Sarah Young, Franklin Graham, and Brian Simmons. You could start on a year-long devotional plan or work through a 40-day plan with your family. 2) WHAT ARE ENHANCED DEVOTIONALS? This is where our addition of reading plans really improved the way certain devotionals work inside our app. Any devotional that is enhanced (see a full list here) can be read and tracked as a reading plan. All you have to do is head on over to the reading plan tab and start reading. Enhanced devotionals will appear under “My Devotionals.” Look at your assignments in advance. Receive reminders and customize your plan in the settings.  Read until you reach the “Completed Reading” button. Tap it to... View Article

How To: Study Bibles

December 25, 2017 3:00 pm Published by 2 Comments

3 WAYS OLIVE TREE MAKES STUDY BIBLES BETTER 1) USE WITH ANY TRANSLATION When you purchase a study Bible with Olive Tree, you’re given two resources: study Bibles notes and the corresponding translation. Example: You purchase the ESV Study Bible. You can now read the ESV in the main window and the ESV study Bible notes in the Study Center. Want to read the NIV? You can still access the ESV Study Bibles notes! 2) READ MULTIPLE STUDY NOTES Want to read more than one paper study Bible? You’ll have to have two huge books laid out in front of you (and do TWICE the page flipping). We’ve simplified the steps it takes to study the Bible well with the Resource Guide. You’ll be notified when you have study notes on a passage. Just tap and navigate quickly between all your resources. 3) USE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME After you’ve downloaded your new study Bible notes, you’ll never have to use the Internet to access them again. That’s right—no WiFi required. You could read a study Bible on top of a mountain, in line at the bank, and waiting to pick your kids up from school… without carrying a huge book around... View Article

The Second Joshua

December 22, 2017 7:00 am Published by 3 Comments

What does the Old Testament—specifically the book of Joshua—have anything to do with Jesus? Read this content pulled from the Bible Knowledge Commentary to find out. THE PURPOSE OF THE BOOK OF JOSHUA The purpose of the Book of Joshua is to give an official account of the historical fulfillment of the Lord’s promise to the patriarchs to give Israel the land of Canaan by holy war. A “holy war” was a conflict with religious overtones rather than one with a political motivation of defense or expansion. This can be seen in both the opening charge (1:2-6) and the concluding summary (21:43). IT STARTS WITH ABRAHAM Specifically, the conquest of Canaan under Joshua’s leadership was based on the Abrahamic Covenant. God, having dealt with all nations, made Abraham the center of His purposes and determined to reach the lost world through Abraham’s seed. The Lord made a contract or covenant with Abraham, promising unconditionally to give a land, a posterity, and spiritual blessing to the patriarch and his descendants (Gen. 12:2-3). Soon thereafter God said He was giving the land to Israel forever (cf. Gen. 13:15). The boundaries of the land were then given to Abraham (Gen. 15:18-21). GOD KEEPS... View Article

Two Ways To Give

December 20, 2017 8:30 am Published by 3 Comments

Do you want to give someone the gift of Olive Tree resources? Not sure how? In this blog, you can either watch the video where I’ll show you how to give a monetary gift or a resource! If you’d rather read, I provided screen shots and instructions below. GIFT CARD With an Olive Tree gift card you can give any amount starting at $10. Fill out the form and choose to have it sent directly to the recipient or send it to yourself so you can wrap it and put it under the tree. We recommend putting the piece of paper inside a box that’s inside another box that’s inside another box. Once the form is filled out you’ll see the following screen. You can then add more gift cards or continue to checkout by clicking on the ‘Purchase Cards’ button. After you’ve completed the checkout the gift card redemption code will be sent to the email you chose.#2 GIFT A RESOURCE Another way to give is by gifting a specific title. Go to the specific product page of the title you want to give. Under the ‘Add to Cart’ button you’ll see the option to ‘Give As Gift’. Once you... View Article