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Desiring God 2012 National Conference

This year’s Desiring God National Conference proved to be another exciting and busy time at the Olive Tree booth. Many of the conference goers I introduced to Olive Tree at last year’s conference are now using Olive Tree for their own studies. They came by the booth to express their enjoyment of the software and see what we’ve been up to the last year.

Desiring God Conference

Early Saturday morning Pastor John Piper (more…)

Mac a hit, Windows 7 to Follow

If you haven’t seen it yet, we released our Mac BibleReader app and we are overjoyed at the response from our users. That is why we are pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work from our engineers, the Windows 7 PC version of BibleReader is well on its way to release. We have been testing the new BibleReader in house, and we can’t wait until all of our PC users can try it out too. Click on the thumbnails below to see actual screen shots of our PC BibleReader in production!

A few of the PC features we are excited about include a full Resource Guide, multi-window reading, and free sync capability from the PC to mobile devices and Mac. As always, the Olive Tree BibleReader software will be completely free. Look for more news and release information for the PC BibleReader in January and February.

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Some Features on Mac

You may have noticed that we recently released BibleReader for Mac. We are thrilled to bring the same amazing software that you’ve known and loved on your mobile devices to this new platform. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the special features that you will find on the BibleReader for Mac.

Cloud Sync
Here at Olive Tree, we are constantly refining and enhancing our products to make them the best they can be. We take pride in our software and gladly offer our customers the latest updates for their devices free of charge. We’ve continued that same philosophy with our new Mac software. Not only are we offering Mac BibleReader for free, but your books, notes and content on your other devices are shared with your Mac BibleReader with our free Cloud sync feature. With an Olive Tree account, your library, notes, bookmarks and more are accessible for future study and editing from any of your devices, including your Mac. You will never have to pay for a book more than once.

Resource Guide
As you read along in your Mac BibleReader, instantly discover new insight into the people and places in your text. The Resource Guide will search your library for all the information relevant to the passage you’re reading and present right alongside your Bible text. Maps, images, charts and more in the Resource Guide bring the Bible to life on your screen. Check out our new Resource Guide video on YouTube!

The new and improved features offered in the Mac BibleReader will soon be available in a PC version of our software. Our engineers are working hard to take BibleReader to Windows 7. Keep checking back with us in the coming months to find out more about all the exciting things happening at Olive Tree Bible Software.

Thanks, Desiring God!

We had a fantastic time connecting with people at the Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis last week. Around 3500 people attended. Ian Fallon and Daniel Scott were Olive Tree’s representatives. “We talked to so many people that first day we could feel a soreness in our throats even before the day was done,” commented Daniel. “It is exciting to share about Olive Tree with a crowd that loves to study the Bible.” This year’s theme was “Finish the Mission” and plenary speakers came from a wide variety of mission backgrounds.

Below is a picture of Ian and Daniel in action with an Olive Tree enthusiast.

Ian & Daniel action

Popups coming for Android

Popups! We know you’ve been waiting to see them on your Android device. They’re coming soon!
The Best thing about popups? Popups enable you to access more information through Strong’s numbers, cross references, footnotes, and word definitions in the original language.
Bottom line: when you see anything different on your screen tap it—you might learn something new.

We’ve updated the interface for Android users!
Our new Android tablet interface is designed to make your Bible study experience seamless and intuitive…letting you focus on God and the Bible instead of technology.
Discover how in-app purchasing can expand your mobile Bible Study Library

We will soon be posting a public beta and hope to have the market release follow as soon as possible.
Make sure to let us know how these features enhanced your Bible Study experience!
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Click on the thumbnails below to see actual screen shots of the popups in action.

Tablet Cross Reference

Tablet Strong's Number with Notes open

Phone with Cross Reference Popup

Phone landscape with verse hyperlink popup

Next stop…Desiring God National Conference

Join us this weekend in Minneapolis for the Desiring God National Conference. Ian Fallon and Daniel Scott will be manning the Olive Tree booth and we’ll be giving a presentation at 6pm on Friday to give a practical demonstration. Please come by the booth and say hi!

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