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Coming Soon…Android Beta

Well, we have some fun news to announce today. Our new Android BibleReader will have a beta available for download by May 31! Remember, this is a beta, so you can expect to find a few bugs, but for those of you anxiously chomping at the bit to find some more usability then I would encourage you to check it out.

4.5 update

  • New User Interface
  • Split Screen
  • Annotation Sync (Notes, Bookmarks, Highlights, and Ribbons)

4.5.x Update

  • Pop Up windows

5.0 Update

  • Resource Guide
  • User Interface Refinement

5.0.x Update

  • Daily Reading Plans
  • Learning Center

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Future popup window ideas…what are your thoughts?

We are considering a new popover for our parsed text in the iPhone & Android platforms. This would include resources such as the CWSB and GNT Parsed. These diagrams are “wireframes” and not actual polished screens. I am not sure if the screens for the iPhone are trying to cram too much into a small space or if they are pushing information too “deep”. Please post your comments to our Facebook Page.

Here is how the original language parsed text popover would look on tablets.

Here is how the original language parsed text popover would look on smartphones.

A few issues to consider with this on popovers is that the definition is still a click away (it is a click away with the current popover). Not all of the parsing information will always fit and so it will be linked to with a more button.

Here is how the CWSB would work for a smartphone.

Here is how the CWSB would work on a tablet.

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Christian Leadership Alliance Annual Conference

Next stop for Olive Tree…Dallas! Last week I had a great time manning Olive Tree’s booth at the Gospel Coalition in Chicago and if you get a chance… download some of the great sessions! Next week, the Christian Leadership Alliance Annual Conference kicks off on Tuesday (April 26) with main speaker, Dr. Chuck Swindoll. If you’re attending, be sure and stop by our booth and say, “Hi!” I’d love to answer questions or show you the latest features of BibleReader.

Below is a slightly fuzzy picture of our booth last week in Chicago.

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Fascinating Facts about Jesus’ Death & Resurrection

Click to view resource

Jesus fulfilled more than 100 Old Testament prophecies during his life on earth. 

Of those, 24 prophecies concerned specifics about the way he would die.  

For example:
• He would be a Passover sacrifice and none of his bones would be broken
• He would be hung on a tree and his hands and feet would be pierced, indicating a death by crucifixion
• His executioners would cast lots for his clothing
• He would be betrayed by a friend
• He would refuse to answer those who accused him falsely.

Any one of these individually might not be conclusive, but put together the 100 prophecies, and they form a strong argument for Jesus as the promised Messiah.

Imagine having the entire list of 100 prophecies at your fingertips—just as close as your mobile device.

You can download it right now. Click Here to download.

Along with the 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus, you’ll also get —
•  50 Archaeological proofs that the New Testament is accurate.
•  8 Reasons we believe the Gospels are reliable
•  Evidence that the Dead Sea Scrolls show the accuracy of Bible translation over the centuries
•  10 answers to skeptic’s questions about the Bible

Why Trust the Bible contains—
• Dozens of illustrations, photos, and diagrams
• Charts
• Time Lines
• Maps

Have it on your mobile device all the time. Perfect for conversing with skeptics or just for your own information.

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Android Preview

Alright! Here are some preliminary renditions of the new Android BibleReader. If you have any thoughts, please leave your comments on our Facebook page.

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Latest Update Now Available on iTunes

Click for details

Among several new features, we’ve brought back the multiple verse copy! You can also now set a default Bible translation for any verse hyperlinks.

* Multi-verse copy when you select copy from a verse hyperlink
* On the iPad the library quick popover for the main window now has an all tab
* The library list view now has a tab at the top for all books, recently opened, and favorites.
* On the iPhone and iPod touch when you tap on the library on the main window it now goes straight to the full screen library.
* View note list by categories in split window on the iPad
* Sorting annotations by verse shows verse reference as subtitle item (rather than the date) and sorting by title shows content as subtitle.
* Bookmarks now store the first few words of the text they reference if book/chapter/verse based.
* Date references for annotations now show proper time based on local timezone.
* Lots more icons for notes.
* New default Bible setting for verse hyperlinks (advanced settings->Hyperlink Settings->Default Bible for Hyperlink)
* There is now a sermon section in the resource guide
* Charts and images now have a root level sections in resource guide
* Added Gesture Setting action for toggling toolbar. This is helpful for texts with lots of hyperlinks on the iPhone and iPod touch.

* Simply viewing a note no longer causes the updated date to change.
* Fixed large white space gaps at end of chapter
* Fixed a bug where doubled headings would sometimes appear on backwards scrolling
* Fixed a crash when tapping on the back arrow on popovers
* Fixed a bug where sometimes first line of chapter was missing
* A few more fixes for mixed right-to-left and left-to-right text
* Other small bug fixes
* Some performance and memory improvements.

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