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How to Create a Parallel Bible in The Bible Study App

January 27, 2014 1:21 pm Published by 14 Comments

The Bible Study App has over 50 Bibles available in multiple languages and as result is used by millions of people all around the world. Once a Bible is downloaded to your device you don’t need an internet connection to read or study. In the videos below you can see how to setup your own parallel Bible in the Bible Study App for easy translation comparison. For Mobile Devices: For Desktop:

3 Ways to Enhance your NIV Study Experience

January 20, 2014 3:09 pm Published by 2 Comments

You have the NIV, but what’s the next step in your Bible Study Experience? Here are three ways you can enhance your NIV Bible Study Experience (screenshots are taken from an iPad 2. Click for a larger view). #1: NIV Study Bible Notes A study Bible in The Bible Study App is an easy to use and very powerful tool in guiding you in your understanding of the text. Many study Bibles contain resources such as maps, timelines, profiles on Biblical characters, commentaries and articles. Our most popular NIV Study Bible Notes are Archaeological Study Bible Notes and the NIV Study Bible Notes.  However, there are also several other Study Bible Notes to choose from.  From Quest Study Bible Notes, and Couples’ Devotional Bible Notes, to Men’s Devotional Bible Notes and NIV True Identity Notes: The Bible for Women, we are sure you can find one that will help deepen your spiritual walk. Because study Bibles are uniquely enhanced for the resource guide they will work with any version of the Bible that is open in the main window. #2: NIV Application Commentaries After you’ve studied the Bible for yourself, it is often helpful to read trusted Bible scholars to see how they... View Article

My Favorite Features of The Bible Study App

January 17, 2014 10:00 am Published by 17 Comments

People often ask me “what sets Olive Tree’s Bible Study App apart?” Although it’s hard for me to narrow down, here are my favorite features of The Bible Study App (Screenshots are taken from an iPad 2.  Click for a larger view) 1. Split Window The split window has many functions. While reading in the main window, I can open the Resource Guide (see below), another translation, a study Bible, or even take notes as I read the text. I love being able to take sermon notes while in church on Sunday. I can have my main window open to the passage and take notes in the split window. Before, I had to do a balancing act with my Bible in one hand and my notepad in another, trying to keep everything in place while flipping back and forth in the Bible along with the sermon. Now my Bible and notes are all easily managed in one hand.  As a bonus, any Scripture References become hyperlinks that I can tap to pop up that passage. 2. The Resource Guide By far my favorite and most updated feature in the Bible Study App is the Resource Guide. While I’m reading the... View Article

12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

January 2, 2014 10:00 pm Published by 4 Comments

Bible Handbooks and Quick References are great resources that help you go deeper in your Bible study. Here’s how we’ve enhanced these resources:  (screenshots are from the Windows Desktop App.  Click for a larger view): Bring up your preferred Bible translation in the main window. (I have the New Living Translation open to Romans 12:1 in this example.)  Click the split window button at the top right of the screen. Click and hold to adjust the split window to your desired size.  Next, click “Tools & Notes” to see the drop-down menu and choose “resource guide.”  Please note that the split window opens to the last place that you had viewed, so if you were last in the library, the screen will default back to the library. The resource guide keeps up with me as I scroll through the Bible text and searches through the books in my library for content related to the Scripture passage in the main window. Scroll down to view “Places,” “Maps,” “Outlines,” and “Introductions.”  All quick reference content will be displayed in these sections.  In our example, after clicking “Rome” under “Places,” the resource guide shows me that I have two images available in my... View Article