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The Resource Guide


What is the Resource Guide?
As you read along in your Bible in the main window of The Bible Study App, the Resource Guide in the split window follows along, looking in your library for any information that is relevant to your reading. As you scroll or change scripture references the Resource Guide will stay in sync looking to all of your study resources making for a powerful and easy to use study tool.


Your Very Own Research Assistant
Think of the Resource Guide as your own personal research assistant. If you were reading about Paul’s first missionary journey in Acts 13, your research assistant has a map of Paul’s journey, cross references to passages in Paul’s letters written to the churches he founded, charts that give an overview of Paul’s life, and all sorts of other resources. You didn’t have to do anything, in fact, you didn’t even have to ask. All of the work was already done by your personal research assistant, the Resource Guide.

Resource Guide 1

Completely Customizable
The configuration of the Resource Guide is also customizable. To access the options for customizing the Resource Guide tap on the double arrow button (double gear for Android) in the upper right corner. You will then see the various options for customizing the different sections in the Resource Guide.

Resource Guide2

What types of resources work with the Resource Guide?
The Resource Guide is ‘verse driven’ which means that the Bible passage that is open in the main window directs references in the Resource Guide. Not every resource is verse driven but some examples of verse driven resources are:

  • Articles on people, places, and other topics
  • Study Bible notes
  • Commentaries
  • Outlines
  • Dictionaries
  • Introductions to books of the Bible
  • Cross references
  • Maps

For more information about the Resource Guide or other App features check out our Help Center.



Independence Day

fireworks2The 4th of July is a great family holiday and is celebrated in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the ways that Olive Tree staff celebrate this American holiday:


What does a typical 4th of July look like for you?

Time with family.
-Drew Haninger, Olive Tree President


We celebrate the fourth by going to the lake to watch fireworks and roasting s’mores on a campfire.
-Cherylyln K., Content Craftsman


Family barbeque, sometimes see a movie at the theater, and watch the fireworks.
-Chris C, Software Developer


What are some past traditions?

My family in Portland lives on a lake, and we used to watch the annual boat parade every year where people on the lake competed to see whose boat was the best decorated. Sometimes they would throw candy, which my younger sister and I always enjoyed.
-Elizabeth B., Customer Support

Going to a friends house that sat on top of a hill overlooking the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl fireworks display in Pasadena, CA is probably one of the best in the area. Vantage point and unobstructed view was 2nd to none. The only downside to evening was slogging home in infamous LA traffic.
- Ian F., QA Engineer


Whenever they were in town, my family and I would always go to an Everett Aquasox game (same baseball league as the Spokane Indians) and have a cookout at my uncle’s place.  He always provided so many snacks when we arrived that by the time we got to dinner I was hardly hungry anymore.
- Molly V., Content Craftsman


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Bible Knowledge Commentary

The Bible Knowledge Commentary will help any student of the Bible answer the following questions about the Scriptures:

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  • How should I interpret this passage?
  • What is the significance of this word or phrase in Greek or Hebrew?
  • How do Bible-time customs help me understand the meaning of this passage?
  • How can this alleged contradiction be explained?

The readable style, combined with careful scholarship, make this a Bible study aid you will add to your “most-used” shelf of books.

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New International Greek Testament Commentary Series
The New International Greek Testament Commentary Series engages in deep exegetical and interpretational study of the New Testament on a verse-by-verse level, providing readers with detailed textual commentary and scholarly research. An enticing series for any reader of the Greek New Testament at any level of comprehension of the Greek language, this series opens up new doors for a Greek-minded study of the Bible.This series is a must for anyone looking for an accessible, respectable commentary on the Greek text.
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Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament is ideal for sermon preparation and serious Bible study. Pastors and students of the Bible who seek deep and detailed engagement with the text of the New Testament have long relied on R. C. H. Lenski’s classic text. Hard to find in print, this 20 volume commentary series is now available for your digital library.
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Calvin’s Commentaries
Calvin’s Commentaries is comprised of 22 volumes, including commentaries on 24 books of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament except for 2 & 3 John and Revelation. Calvin completed these commentaries in a 15 year span from 1540-1555.
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What’s New in the Mac Release


By Olive Tree Staff: Joe Carter

Here at Olive Tree we’re pretty excited about this latest update to the Bible Study App for the Mac.  It’s been some time since our last significant update, so we really wanted to make sure that this update was a special one!

What’s new? Here are just the highlights!

Daily Reading Plans
We now have Daily Reading built into the app, and you can start your reading in the morning on your Mac and finish in the afternoon on your iPad (or PC or Android) and with Olive Tree cloud sync, all of your devices will be up to date on where you are in your Daily Reading!
We’ve started with 60 different plans to help you engage in God’s Word with more on the horizon. We have 5, 10, and 30 day plans – and many that go the entire year (and you don’t have to wait until next January to start – you can start a new plan TODAY!). We’re really excited to make it easy to start a daily habit of spending time in God’s Word!

 Daily Reading Button in My Stuff

New Background Sync
Keep all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks and Reading Plans in sync across all your devices automatically. With this turned on, you will be kept up to date on all of the above items across all your devices as long as you have internet access!

 Automatic Updates Settings

New Quick Details
Hover your mouse cursor over links in the text to get instant details in a preview screen (Strong’s Numbers, Parsing, and Cross References, as well as alternate translations)
As before, you can click and get pop-up windows for all your links in  the text, but now you can also just hover your mouse over links in the text and get a quick view of the content in the left side window of the main page (see screenshot!)

Pop-up and Quick View Shown

Pro tip here…  you can also set another translation of the Bible to show in settings so if you hover over the verse numbers you’ll see that verse in another translation – you can select an alternate translation in your preferences as well, and then tapping the option key on your keyboard will instantly show the alternate translation. You can also hold the command key down and the app will look up whatever word your mouse cursor is over in any installed dictionaries (including the system dictionary, which is the up to date “New Oxford American Dictionary”). This even includes parsed original language texts and Strong’s Bibles. Finally, you can freeze the ‘Quick Details’ view by holding the ‘control’ key (then move your mouse over to the ‘Quick Details’ area to scroll in that view).


The Bible Study App now Automatically Checks for Updated Books and Resources in your Library
If there’s an update to a resource in your library, you’ll see a notification in the left sidebar and you can download the update whenever you choose.

Resource ready to update


Social Sharing
In this release, we’ve included integrated social sharing that allows you to share Bible Verses to your favorite social networks – for our customers running OSX 10.8 and newer.

Integrated Social Sharing


New Built-In Dictionary Support
Right-click on a word in the Bible Study App to define that word using the built-in dictionary in your Mac.  As mentioned above, you can also hover over the word and tap the command key on your Mac to get a dictionary lookup in the Quick View – using built-in dictionaries, as well as dictionaries in your library.


We’re excited about all these improvements as we feel that this update to the Bible Study App will make a real difference in the speed and ease with which you can dig into God’s word with your Mac!

What is Systematic Theology?


What is Systematic Theology
By Wayne Grudem

Go here for the transcript.

Get Wayne Grudem’s book Systematic Theology for the Bible Study App HERE!

Browse other books on systematic theology HERE.

Sync Server Down for Maintenance


The Olive Tree Bible Study app Sync server has gone down for maintenance.  This means that you will get an “unknown error” when attempting to sync The Bible Study App.

We hope to have the sync server back up and running today.  We will post on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages when we are back up and running.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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