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Fully Customize The Bible Study App

If you’re like me, when I get a new app or piece of technology I don’t always read the manuals or follow the tutorials. I typically figure out how to use the main features and stop there. Because of this I sometimes miss out on some of the lesser known things that are actually pretty cool. The Bible Study App has a lot of different features, some that are different depending on the device capability, but many that are similar.

Maybe you’ve seen the setting icon before:


If you click or tap on this icon you’ll get to a simple screen that allows you to adjust the font used in The Bible Study App. But what if you go a bit deeper? Again, depending on your device, the options may vary but if you click on More Options/Advanced Settings this is where it gets fun. You can customize color and display settings and on mobile devices even customize gestures and scroll settings. There are all sorts of other options as well. If you haven’t yet checked out some of these settings don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll find that there may be some things you wish you could do…that you actually can.

If there are things you’ve customized that have been useful please share them in the comments. If there are features you’d love to see in an upcoming release let us know. We love to hear from people who are using The Bible Study App and our development teams are always working on adding great new features.

3 Steps To Safeguard Your Bible Study

I would like to say that you will never encounter a problem with your Olive Tree Bible Study app, and for many of you, that would be true. But from time to time our users do experience bugs and issues that we do not expect. For this reason, I highly suggest you follow the next three steps to make sure that if you do encounter a problem you will be protected.

1) Create an Olive Tree account

By creating an Olive Tree account, you can register your in-app purchases and sync your notes, highlights, and bookmarks, etc.  Create one today by visiting:

2) Register your in-App purchases

Did you know that when you purchase a resource within the app, you are not buying it from Olive Tree directly, but are buying it from iTunes?  If for some reason you have to reinstall your Bible Study app, those resources will be difficult to get back.  To prevent this, all you need to do is tap one button.  By doing so, you’ll save all the extra time it takes to email Customer Support, provide proofs of purchase, and wait for your resources to be manually added to your Olive Tree account.

iOS Instructions for Bible+ 5.2 and Later

  • Select the “Library” button
  • Select the “Store” button
  • Tap on the “Purchased” tab
  • If your product isn’t listed, scroll to the bottom and select “Restore In-App Purchases”

Updating your library

Android Instructions

  • Select the open book icon (Library)
  • Select the shopping bag icon (Store)
  • Tap on the “Purchased” tab
  • Select “Back up and synchronize books with your Olive Tree account”
  • Enter your Olive Tree username and password

3) Sync your notes, highlights, and bookmarks, etc.

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy creating your notes, highlights, and bookmarks; please utilize our Study Sync feature to back them up.  It’s always unfortunate when we hear from customers that have lost days, week, and months worth of their notes because they had to reinstall their Bible Study app, but never backed those notes up.  At that point it’s too late and there is nothing we can do.  Don’t let this happen to you, especially since there is an easy way to prevent it.

iOS Instructions for Bible+ 5.2 and Later

  • Select the suitcase icon (My Stuff)
  • Select the “Sync” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your Olive Tree username and Password
  • The sync process will push up the notes from your device to your Study Sync account

Login in to your Olive Tree account (, and select the Olive Tree Study Sync link to make sure that your notes have been successfully uploaded.

Sync your notes and highlights

Android Instructions

  • Select the Menu button and select “My Stuff”
  • Select the “Backup & Sync” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your Olive Tree username and Password
  • The sync process will push up the notes from your device to your Study Sync account

Login in to your Olive Tree account (, and select the Olive Tree Study Sync link to make sure that your notes have been successfully uploaded.

The above instructions are for Apple devices running the Bible Study app version 5.2 or later and Android devices running the Bible Study app version 5.0.

BibleReader: John Piper’s Mobile Bible

Olive Tree’s mission is to inspire people to connect with God and the Bible and we get excited when we hear that people are using BibleReader to do just that.

John Piper is the Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the founder of Desiring God Ministries.  He is also a fan of Olive Tree’s BibleReader. In a recent blog post, Piper wrote, “Olive Tree BibleReader is my default mobile Bible. I use it for devotions every day, usually from my iPad.” He goes on to talk about some of BibleReader’s features, like split-screen reading, daily reading plans and posting verses to Facebook and Twitter and says BibleReader is “easy enough for an old guy like me.”

Read his full blog post here: “Speaking of Apps: The Voice of God in Our Hands”.

We are so glad to hear that people use our software for their daily devotions. We never tire of learning how BibleReader has impacted our users’ study of the Bible. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and let us know how Olive Tree’s BibleReader app has helped you connect with God and the Bible.

Check out Olive Tree’s collection of resources by John Piper at


The New Norwegian Bible

I know what most of you are saying: “Finally!”

Well, if you’re from Norway, this is actually a really big deal. Olive Tree Bible Software is the first to offer the Bibelen 2011 for mobile devices!

Out of necessity, most translations of God’s Word in Norwegian have been idiomatic to a greater or lesser extent.

On the other hand, “Bibel 2011″ is based rather upon a concordant translation principle, where the translators aim to reproduce the Biblical texts as close to the original as possible.

The language used is good and makes biblical text understandable for today’s people. This version comes in two dialects: The Bokmål and the Nynorsk. We also have the Bibelen 1978/85 Bokmål.

Another thing we, at Olive Tree are excited about is that since the translation is based on the oldest manuscripts it’s very reliable.

To view all Norwegian Bibles Click HERE.

Future popup window ideas…what are your thoughts?

We are considering a new popover for our parsed text in the iPhone & Android platforms. This would include resources such as the CWSB and GNT Parsed. These diagrams are “wireframes” and not actual polished screens. I am not sure if the screens for the iPhone are trying to cram too much into a small space or if they are pushing information too “deep”. Please post your comments to our Facebook Page.

Here is how the original language parsed text popover would look on tablets.

Here is how the original language parsed text popover would look on smartphones.

A few issues to consider with this on popovers is that the definition is still a click away (it is a click away with the current popover). Not all of the parsing information will always fit and so it will be linked to with a more button.

Here is how the CWSB would work for a smartphone.

Here is how the CWSB would work on a tablet.

Please post your comments to our Facebook Page.

From Palm to iPad

The years have been good...

I have been using Olive Tree Bible Software since 2004. I began mobile study with an ancient Handspring, moved to a Palm T3 then a Palm T5. I loved the T5 and it served me very well for several years, but eventually I was won over to the iPhone by apps like Olive Tree’s Bible Reader 4.0+. These days I am LOVING study on the iPad using the BR5 and awesome features like the Resource Guide, note-taking capabilities, and resources like the ESV with Strong’s and the lemma feature.

I have been a pastor for over 20 years and remember the days when my study for a sermon took at least 10+ square feet of space, with a Strong’s Concordance opened up, several commentaries scattered about, and other background study volumes in addition to one or two notebooks for recording my findings. I have always had a strong desire for greater compactness and mobility in my study. Wouldn’t it be beyond amazing to be able to do a study from an entire, well-equipped biblical library while at the same time keeping sermon notes and do the entire study regardless of where I am? I can do that now! With the IPad and BR5, whether I am in my office, at the mall, in the van waiting for one of my children to finish choir practice, or doing a mission trip in the Ukraine, I have all I need in one compact device. Text to detailed study to observations to sermon notes seamlessly!

This is also a great way to buy up those 5, 10, or 15 minute time slots during the day. Open up the IPad, choose Olive Tree, and I am suddenly and instantaneously surrounded by all the Bibles, commentaries, and original language resources I could need, and they are even put in systematic order for me in one place with the dream-come-true Resource Guide. My thanks to God for the technologies that have been harnessed for Kingdom work and to Olive Tree for pressing on to develop tools for those of us who use them not only for our devotional life but for vocational work for the Body of Christ.

Mike Williamson
Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church of St Cloud, MN

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