Dual Monitors + Popouts = Easy Study

If you’re a pastor or ministry leader who does a lot of lesson planning or message preparation, I highly recommend getting a second monitor. This allows you to have The Bible Study App open on one screen and your word document open on another without the hassle of having to constantly switch between windows.

Whether you have dual monitors or not though one great feature found only in The Bible Study App for the Mac or Windows desktop is the Resource Guide ‘Popout.’ First, I’ll select a title from the Resource Guide.

In the screen below I’ve selected Easton’s Dictionary of the Bible. But what if I want to look at a map and then come back to the dictionary? Instead of going back and selecting another title from my resource guide I’ll use the ‘Popout’ feature instead.

Now Easton’s is open in its own window and I can go back to my library and select my maps without losing access to my dictionary. This is the digital equivalent of having a bunch of books open on my desk. You can ‘Popout’ as many resources from your library as you’d like, expand, hide, or layer the windows and still be able to use their full functionality. Along with Olive Tree’s Bible Study App let me again recommend using a secondary monitor. The ease of being able to assemble a lesson or message while not having to switch between windows will greatly affect your preparation time!

Updates in Bible+ 5.3 for Windows Desktop

For those of you using The Bible Study App for Windows, our newest update (5.3) just went live. As with many app updates that come out, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s new. Here are a few of the new features in this latest release for Windows:

Daily Reading
We’ve added daily reading to the 5.3 release. Daily reading plans can be accessed from ‘My Stuff’ in the split window.


Custom highlighters can now be created
Custom highlighter can now be created in the 5.3 version. This feature can be accessed by clicking on Highlights from My Stuff.

New Category Interface
This gives you greater control to setup your own categories. Simply edit or create a category to get this new interface which is very similar to Windows Explorer.

Search list when doing a search within a book

When performing a search within a book, there is now a button the user can click to display a list of all of the search results.

Sneak Peek

Here are two features to look forward to in an upcoming iOS App release!

In App Dictionary Lookup:

Multi-verse Highlighting:  

iOS 3 & 4 Announcement

We love to create and provide Bible content and technology for everyone, but sometimes technology must move on to support newer devices. With the next release of our app, version 5.2, we will no longer be able to support older Apple devices including the 1st generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and the 1st and 2nd generation iPod touch. We would have liked to continue supporting older devices, but with the release of the iPhone 5, Apple has updated their developer tool kit. With these new tools, we cannot support the older Apple devices and operating systems while still building new features and releasing new updates. This also means we will not be able to support any device running iOS 3 or 4. Any device not on the above list running iOS 3 or 4 should upgrade to iOS 5 or later to continue to receive app updates. At this time we will support iOS 5 & 6 and any later updates to Apple’s iOS.

What This Means for You

If you have one of the older devices I mentioned or you’re still running iOS 3 or 4, you will not be able to update to the newest versions of our app. You should also be very careful when syncing your older device to iTunes that you do not update your Olive Tree app inside iTunes. Updating the app and syncing it to your older device through iTunes will delete the app off of your older device. If you have multiple devices, you will no longer be able to sync with your older device. You should still be able to run the app on your device and keep your current library, but any new features will not be available.

The Good News

You can still use the Olive Tree app as long as you don’t update or sync your app through iTunes. But the really good news is that Olive Tree is working on some really exciting updates to the Bible Study app. With the 5.2 release, we have revamped our in-app store and done a lot of work in the background to pave the way for features like reading plan sync and automatic downloads. We’ve done our best to continue supporting older devices with older tools, but now we can focus on the up and coming features that are going to make our app the best possible app for Bible study.

An Olive Tree Technophobe?

I am something of a technophobe.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I work at a Bible software company.

In the bubble of college two years ago, I was vaguely aware that technology existed, that some of my classmates were getting smartphones and that people actually used computers for something other than writing papers. But my mind was tied up with others things, i.e. what I was going to do after college with a Theology major and English minor.

A year and a half after graduating and 11 months after starting at Olive Tree, I purchased my first device: a brand-new Kindle Fire HD. The package arrived after work on a Monday afternoon. I saw the package on my dining room table and immediately regarded it with suspicion. What was I actually supposed to do with this thing? I sat on the couch and it sat next to me. I stared at it and it stared back.

I took the Fire to work the next day and called over my developer coworker, Ian. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t opened it yet and helped me set it up with a few quick swipes and taps. On my own, I downloaded Olive Tree’s app, found the icon in my carousel, and confidently tapped on it. I saw the green splash screen, and immediately got this message:

BibleReader has stopped working.


Desktop Here!

It’s official.  Our BibleReader is in the Mac Store.

For over 12 years Olive Tree has dedicated it’s time and resources to providing premier Bible study tools to your mobile device. With the advent of the iPhone, Olive Tree quickly became a leader for Bible study in the app world. And the iPad…Olive Tree brought you one of the best looking and best study tools available on a tablet.

Now, after meeting everyone on their favorite mobile platform, Olive Tree is stepping it up once again.
Olive Tree is excited to bring you a desktop app for Mac (PC coming soon)!

Taking the concepts from our iPad and iPhone app, we’ve brought a whole new experience to desktop Bible Software. Whether you just want to read with no distractions, study with the Resource Guide, take notes while you’re reading, or searching your library, you will find Olive Tree’s desktop app to be just as simple and beautiful to use as the app on your phone or tablet.

For more information about the BibleReader on Mac you can look here. 

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