Drew Haninger is the founder and President of Olive Tree Bible Software. We asked him to share his thoughts about the future of Olive Tree Bible Software. Here is what he had to say:


When I first had the idea to combine Bible study with technology in the 80s, I had no intention of creating Olive Tree Bible Software. I began with the singular goal of using the current advancements in technology to enhance the way I studied and interacted with the Bible. With the release of the then new, popular handheld device, the Palm Pilot, I was challenged to create a mobile Bible program.

Over the years, the devices have changed, the technology has vastly improved, and Olive Tree has become a leader in Bible software, but my vision remains the same. At the heart of Olive Tree is the desire that everyone would know God and His Word, and we still strive to create the best Bible study tools possible through cutting-edge technology.

We live in a time where the newest technology has a shelf life of maybe a year, if it’s lucky, and the limits of what a phone or a tablet can do are boundless. It is exciting to see advancements like the retina display on the iPad and iPhone and smart phones that literally talk back to you, but I also see a unique challenge. How do we keep up with the pace of technology without taking away from the beauty and simplicity of God’s Word?

With a growing library of the finest biblical resources available and a staff eager to build new and innovative tools for interacting with those resources, I am excited about the direction Olive Tree is headed. I think we are in a position to reinvent Bible study and bring it to people and places that it has never been. My vision, and the vision of everyone here at Olive Tree, is to help Bible scholars, churchgoers, students, children and even people who have never opened a Bible to discover a love for studying God’s Word.

I am really happy to now have BibleReader on the PC Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.