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12 Days of Christmas – Day 11


On the second to last day of our 12 Days sale we highlight some great Theology and Academic resources by top authors. These titles are a must have and are a dynamic resource to use within The Bible Study App!

Watch this short video to see why eBooks are so great to read in the App.

Top theology and academic titles are on special today only!

eBook Specials

As part of our 100 Million Sync celebration we’ve put over 50 eBooks on sale for $2.99 or less!
ebook specials

Christian eBooks in The Bible Study App work great as the app automatically detects verse references and makes them a link. You can then easily tap/click to read the scripture reference without having to leave the spot you’re reading.

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eBooks in The Bible Study App


Over the years I’ve read some great books by various Christian authors on a wide range of topics. One thing that many of the different devotional and theological books have in common is that they all quote Scripture – a lot of Scripture. That’s a good thing but in cases where the Scripture isn’t copied into the main text of the book it can be distracting. You either have to look in the appendix or have your Bible nearby to look up the verse that the author references. Often times I’ll tell myself that I’ll go back and look up the verse later but… that doesn’t always happen.

One of the things that makes The Bible Study App a great eReader is that nearly every scripture reference in an eBook becomes a hyperlink.



Tapping a scripture reference (clicking for PC and Mac) will then popup the scripture reference in your preferred translation for easy reading. Not only that but you can interact with scripture reference by easily scrolling or adding a note based off of what you were just reading in your book.

Olive Tree has a good selection of books available and in the coming months will be adding hundreds of new titles making The Bible Study App your go-to app for reading, study and devotion.




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