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Free Resource Friday

Of Faith and Works

This week we highlight the free resource Of Justification by Faith and Works for use within The Bible Study App.

The idea of justification—the means by which a believer comes into right relationship with God— has been hotly debated throughout many periods of Christian history. Is it by grace? Is it through obeying God’s law? Is it by faith? Is it by works?

William Law, British theologian and prolific writer, adds his own perspective to the debate in his treatise Of Justification by Faith and Works. Get it HERE!

Free Resource Friday

Sermons on Gospel ThemesToday we are highlighting Charles Finney’s Sermons on Gospel Themes as a great free resource to use within The Bible Study App.

Charles Finney was a descendant of the New England Puritans, and was born in Connecticut. Many are inclined to regard Finney, 1792-1875, as the greatest evangelist and theologian since the days of the apostles. It is estimated that during the year 1857-58 over a hundred thousand persons were led to Christ as the direct or indirect result of Finney’s labors, while five hundred thousand persons professed conversion to Christ in the great revival which began in his meetings.

Go here to download this free title!

The Reality of the Cross

Free Resource Friday

In Weighed and Wanting, D. L. Moody shares his insights and personal experiences relating to the Ten Commandments. He takes readers through each commandment and asks them to take an honest look at their hearts.

Dwight L. Moody was a highly acclaimed late 19th century evangelist. He founded the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and the Bible Institute of Colportage Association, now Moody Press. He survived the turbulence of the Civil War and the Great Chicago Fire. He and his wife, Emma, had two children


Download this great title for use in The Bible Study App by clicking HERE!

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