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Bible+ Quick Tip: History

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Whether you are in church or your personal study or devotion time, the ability to easily jump to another scripture passage reference and then back to the main passage you are reading is invaluable. Here’s how to easily do that in both Android and iOS.

For Android simply tap the history button in the top right hand corner and you’ll get a list of previous passages you’ve been reading. In the left screen the passage is open to 1 John 3 but if I want to quickly jump back to a previous passage it’s only two taps away.

android history

For iOS devices the History button is in the menu. Tap the three bars in the upper left and then the ‘Reading History’ button.

ios history

Thanks to iOS gestures there is another, even quicker way to jump back and forth in your history.
With a two swinger swipe left or right on the screen you can easily jump back and forth between your history.

gesture history

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