Pastor and blogger Kevin Purcell interviewed Olive Tree for an article in Christian Computing Magazine on September 26. However, from my perspective as Olive Tree’s president, Kevin’s article has a big, bad word in it.


Somehow, Kevin got the idea that I am retiring. Did an asteroid hit a satellite during the interview? Or maybe a golf ball hit the window in Stephen’s office during the e-mail interview. I am learning how to golf after all, though with minimal achievement. (I call “golf”  “goof”)

Drew trying to learn golf in Christina Lake, Canada

Drew learning to golf in Christina Lake, Canada.

Kevin’s interview is great; however, I am still involved in Olive Tree as the President, especially with company leadership, software innovation, and publisher relations. There are still so many innovative ways to help people study the Bible using technology. Olive Tree is at the exciting intersection of this people, Bible, and technology triangle.