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Android Quick Tip: Remove Highlights

So, you just highlighted a verse but for one reason or another you want to remove the highlight. How do you do it?
My stuff icon

Tap on the ‘My Stuff’ icon.
Then tap Highlights> All Highlighters
Now tap and hold on the highlight you want to delete.

Want to know how to add a highlight? Click HERE.


Personal Touches to My Daily Reading Plan

By Olive Tree Staff: Harold Coleman

On the fourth day of my new reading plan, I decided to make 2013 the year to add personal touches, such as adding highlights and notes to verses that stand out to me as I read. The verse that got me started was Luke 4:1: “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit…was led by the Spirit…being tempted by the devil.” Here, the Creator (Jesus) was filled and led by the Holy Spirit just as the scriptures say I am to be. However, unlike me at times, Jesus resisted temptation and the devil.  I need to remember this verse as both an encouragement and a contrast to my life.

Highlighting the verse is as simple as touching the verse number and selecting highlight from the pop-up list. On my Android tablet, I selected Luke 4:1-2 by touching the right arrow, then the button “Select 2 Verses.”  I like underlining rather than highlighting, so I touched the yellow color and saw my choices for highlighting. By touching and holding the yellow highlighter, I got the option to edit the highlighter. I have the option to change the name “Yellow” to something meaningful. I can also change from highlight to pen or thin underline. (You’ll need to increase the intensity to see the thin underline.) Tapping the color allows me to even change the color. 


I decided to think through my strategy of naming the colors. I searched the Internet for Bible highlighting and found that people use different colors for different topics. Using some of the ideas I found, I created a list of significant highlighter titles. Highlighting by verse numbers allows me to switch between two Bible versions and still see the highlights.


I went back to Luke 4:1-2 and highlighted it with the color that stands for God’s Character and Nature. Before saving the highlight, I decided to add a tag by selecting “Edit Tags.” When I touched the pencil in the top corner of the pop-up and I was given the option to name a new tag.  I named it “Spirit Filled.” If I touched “Spirit Filled” in the list of tag names, a check mark was added to the right. I added “Spirit Led,” “Temptation,” and “Temptation, Resist,” then selected them all and touched the back arrow. Now I see all that each of the tags I chose is related to this highlight. In just a couple of weeks my list of tag names has grown to 45, including Anger, Forgiveness, Humility, Leadership, Promise, and Wisdom.
A quick review of the early stories of Genesis allowed me to catch up on highlighting. I’ve included the temptations common to us all, such as Adam and Eve’s lack of trust in God’s word.  Cain rejected the loving correction of God by letting hurt feelings lead to anger. Noah took a seemingly well-deserved break after being in the ark and got drunk. Ham disrespected his father’s privacy and then gossiped about his (Noah’s?) failures. I have tagged these stories with “Temptation, Falling to.” On the other hand, Shem and Japheth’s response is tagged with “Temptation, Resist,” as they refuse to enter into judgment or gossip in order to show their father respect. With just a few highlights and tags, I have the beginning of a lesson or sermon on temptation and Jesus’ example of resisting temptation.


As the year progresses, adding more highlights and tags will allow me to review scriptures related to any of my topics by selecting the topic in My Stuff – Tags. If a scripture is particularly meaningful, I add a note to the highlighted verse by touching the verse number and selecting Note.  I can then add thoughts and related scripture references. I can also add a personal prayer and steps I can take to put the insight into action. I can add tags to these notes, such as “A Personal Prayer” and “A Next Step.” Since tags are listed in alphabetical order in My Stuff, I can easily find my prayers and action steps at the top of the list.

What are some of your favorite highlights and tags?  Share a story of how using these tools has helped you in your studies and benefitted your life.





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