I use The Bible Reader every Sunday to take sermon notes and wanted to share with you one of my favorite features that allows me to quickly follow the Pastor’s scripture references without leaving the primary text I have open in my main reading pane.

First open up the notes on the split screen:

 Then click ‘Add Note’

Now add the scripture reference to your notes. How it becomes a hyperlink varies between platforms. In the iOS for instance it doesn’t have hyperlink capability unless you are done typing and the keyboard is hidden. You can then simply tap the hyperlinked reference and a ‘Popout’ will appear that takes you to that verse. In the below picture I’m using the Windows Desktop version and I need to hold down Ctrl and then Click to jump to the scripture reference. While the functionality varies across devices you can then ‘Popout’ the scripture or have it become the primary text in your main reading window.

You don’t have to type out the whole word either as most abbreviations are recognized. So in this case Matt 28:18 is enough for the App to recognize and hyperlink to the right verse.