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Look Inside: The Complete Word Study Bible


The Complete Word Study Bible (CWSB) is a great four volume set that includes the KJV with Strong’s numbers, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, and more!


This expansive set has never been easier to use in The Bible Study App by Olive Tree Bible Software. Watch the video below to see how the Complete Word Study Bible works on The Bible Study App.



The CWSB is on sale now. Go here to add it to your study library!




Look Inside: Introducing the New Testament


Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey gives historical background, presentation of major themes, and includes maps and compelling images.

Here’s a brief look at how it looks in The Bible Study App


To find out more about Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey go here!

Look Inside: ESV Study Bible


The ESV Study Bible gives you access to in depth commentary notes, maps, historical background, outlines and more!

Watch the video below to see how the ESV Study Bible works in The Bible Study Bible.


Find out more about The ESV Study Bible here!

Look Inside: Archaeological Study Bible


The Archaeological Study Bible is a comprehensive study tool that highlights the archaeological, historical, and cultural background of the Bible.

In The Bible Study App you can access great images, maps, articles, and more in the Resource Guide. Watch the video below to see a brief demonstration on how it looks in App.

You can get the Archaeological Study Bible on special right now!

Look Inside: The Expositors Bible Commentary


The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (Revised) is a comprehensive and succinct commentary that guides users to the text’s core meaning. It is a vital resource for every preacher, teacher, and student of the Bible.

In Olive Tree’s Bible Study App, the Expositors Bible Commentary comes to life! Verse references becomes hyperlinks, the split window allows you to read the Bible side-by-side with the commentary, and you can easily take notes and highlights within the text. Enhanced for use in the Resource Guide, let The Bible Study App simplify your study with the Expositor’s Bible Commentary.

See how this great commentary look in The Bible Study App:

The Expositors Bible Commentary and other top selling commentaries are on sale right now!

12 Days of Christmas – Day 8


By using The Bible Study App’s cross references enhanced for the resource guide, you’ll save tons of time and effort.  No longer will you have to leave your original text to search for a reference.  All your content will be at your fingertips!

Here’s how we’ve enhanced these resources (screenshots are from the Windows Desktop App.  Click for a larger view):

Bring up your preferred Bible translation in the main window. (I have the English Standard Version open to Titus 1:5 in this example.)  Click the split window button at the top right of the screen.


Click and hold to adjust the split window to your desired size.  Next, click “Tools & Notes” to see the drop-down menu and choose “resource guide.”  Please note that the split window opens to the last place that you had viewed, so if you were last in the library, the screen will default back to the library.


If you scroll a little further down the split window, you’ll find the “Related Verses” section.  Since I have the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) downloaded to my PC, The Bible Study App has found cross references relevant to the Titus passage we are studying.

TSK_windows splitscreen

In our example, you’ll see that there are 44 related verses in the TSK from the Titus 1:5-16 passage we’re studying. By clicking on the TSK book cover, you can then view each set of cross references that correspond to each individual verse from our passage in Titus.


You can click the reference in the TSK and view it as a popup, or even split it out into a new window without leaving your original text.  This feature alone will save you hours. Clicking the cross references for “Crete” in this example, I can see where the book of Acts references Crete.

TSK_windows splitscreen_popup

As you can see, having the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) cross references in The Bible Study App will help you broaden your biblical understanding quickly and easily.

Several great Bible Study Tools including Cross References, Concordances, and Bible Study Bundles are on special now as part of the 12 Day’s of Christmas sale.

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