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What’s New in the Mac Release

By Olive Tree Staff: Joe Carter

Here at Olive Tree we’re pretty excited about this latest update to the Bible Study App for the Mac.  It’s been some time since our last significant update, so we really wanted to make sure that this update was a special one!

What’s new? Here are just the highlights!

Daily Reading Plans
We now have Daily Reading built into the app, and you can start your reading in the morning on your Mac and finish in the afternoon on your iPad (or PC or Android) and with Olive Tree cloud sync, all of your devices will be up to date on where you are in your Daily Reading!
We’ve started with 60 different plans to help you engage in God’s Word with more on the horizon. We have 5, 10, and 30 day plans – and many that go the entire year (and you don’t have to wait until next January to start – you can start a new plan TODAY!). We’re really excited to make it easy to start a daily habit of spending time in God’s Word!

 Daily Reading Button in My Stuff

New Background Sync
Keep all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks and Reading Plans in sync across all your devices automatically. With this turned on, you will be kept up to date on all of the above items across all your devices as long as you have internet access!

 Automatic Updates Settings

New Quick Details
Hover your mouse cursor over links in the text to get instant details in a preview screen (Strong’s Numbers, Parsing, and Cross References, as well as alternate translations)
As before, you can click and get pop-up windows for all your links in  the text, but now you can also just hover your mouse over links in the text and get a quick view of the content in the left side window of the main page (see screenshot!)

Pop-up and Quick View Shown

Pro tip here…  you can also set another translation of the Bible to show in settings so if you hover over the verse numbers you’ll see that verse in another translation – you can select an alternate translation in your preferences as well, and then tapping the option key on your keyboard will instantly show the alternate translation. You can also hold the command key down and the app will look up whatever word your mouse cursor is over in any installed dictionaries (including the system dictionary, which is the up to date “New Oxford American Dictionary”). This even includes parsed original language texts and Strong’s Bibles. Finally, you can freeze the ‘Quick Details’ view by holding the ‘control’ key (then move your mouse over to the ‘Quick Details’ area to scroll in that view).


The Bible Study App now Automatically Checks for Updated Books and Resources in your Library
If there’s an update to a resource in your library, you’ll see a notification in the left sidebar and you can download the update whenever you choose.

Resource ready to update


Social Sharing
In this release, we’ve included integrated social sharing that allows you to share Bible Verses to your favorite social networks – for our customers running OSX 10.8 and newer.

Integrated Social Sharing


New Built-In Dictionary Support
Right-click on a word in the Bible Study App to define that word using the built-in dictionary in your Mac.  As mentioned above, you can also hover over the word and tap the command key on your Mac to get a dictionary lookup in the Quick View – using built-in dictionaries, as well as dictionaries in your library.


We’re excited about all these improvements as we feel that this update to the Bible Study App will make a real difference in the speed and ease with which you can dig into God’s word with your Mac!

How I Use Vine’s in The Bible Study App

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary is a great resource for who don’t have any background with Greek or Hebrew.  Here’s how I used it in a recent sermon.

I read this verse in Genesis 39:2: “And Jehovah was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.”

This passage got me thinking about the word “prosperous”, so I opened the Resource Guide in the split window of The Bible Study App and typed in “prosper”.


This brought up Vine’s under the search menu for tsaleach צָלַח, along with an article about the word.

vinessearchhit vinesarticle

The article shows some of the different occurrences of tsaleach in the Bible.  All I have to do is tap the reference and the biblical passage appears in a pop-up window. This gives me instant access to other places the word is used in the Bible and helps me keep my Bible study on track by not having to stop in the middle of my study to find the reference.


Another great thing about this resource is that Vine’s gives the Strong’s number (6743 in this case) and is tied into the Olive Tree Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary that is included in this resource.  This allows me to tap on the Strong’s number and see the definition of the word and the words in both the original language and transliterated form.


As you can see, Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words is a fantastic, easy-to-use resource that gives anyone access to the original languages.  With over 6,000 key biblical words that have reference to Strong’s numbers, there is no end to how it can help you understand the Bible and keep your study on track.

You can get Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words for 50% off the regular price now through June 10th.  Check it out today!

Benefits of NICOT/NICNT in The Bible Study App

The New International Commentary Series on the Old Testament (NICOT) and New Testament (NICNT) are highly regarded scholarly resources that are always ranked at the top by scholars, pastors, students, and professors.

The Bible Study App makes the NICOT/NICNT even more dynamic.  Here’s how:

Resource Guide

Open your preferred Bible Translation in the main window and have the Resource Guide open in the Split Window.  You’ll see relevant NICOT/NICNT commentary “hits” in the split window.


The Bible Study App also keeps up with the scripture passage you’re reading in the main window with sync scrolling.  This means that as you move along in the Bible text, the NICOT/NICNT syncs to exactly where you are in your study.  No more flipping pages back and forth.  No more holding the commentary text open on your desk in one spot, reading through your Bible text, and having to go back and find your place in the commentary. You’ll save an enormous amount of time with this feature alone.

Search & Look Up Feature

Search the NICOT/NICNT for words or passages.  Take “love” as an example.  You can search the entire NICOT/NICNT series for where “love” is mentioned in the commentary series.  You can also limit your search to the Old Testament, New Testament, biblical genre, or a specific book.


When your search hits are displayed, you can tap on the result to go directly to that passage. You can also copy the text to add to an existing note or add a note right from the search results.


Linked Reference Pop ups

popupscripturereferenceOne of my greatest frustrations in the hard copy world of biblical commentaries are the other biblical references within the commentary.  For example, when I’m reading in Matthew about the beginning of Jesus’ ministry there are multiple references to The Lord’s Chosen servant in Isaiah that are pertinent to my study.  With a hard copy, I have to open a different Bible and find each and every reference to read how the verse relates to what I am currently studying.  This is time consuming, slows down my study momentum, and requires me to keep all of my study materials out and open, spread out over a large desk space. With The Bible Study App, the scripture references are hyperlinked within the commentary text.  All I have to do is tap the scripture reference to read it instantly.





Related to this is footnotes/endnotes.  Since the NICOT/NICNT is a highly scholarly work, there are a lot of references to other materials.  In the past I would have to stop where I was in the reading, look at the footnote, then go back to where I was in the writing.  This also was a huge time waster, and I would often lose my train of thought.  With The Bible Study App, all of the footnotes are linked.  Just tap on the footnote, read it, and go back to where you were without losing your place.

As you can see, the NICOT/NICNT within The Bible Study App gives you the best in scholarly work, while saving you valuable study time and tremendous effort.  Get the NICOT and NICNT at 40% off the regular price this week through Monday, May 27th.

A Look Inside the “New Interpreter’s Study Bible Notes”

The New Interpreter’s Study Bible Notes, based on the text of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, blends a devotional and a thought provoking reading of the Old and New Testament and deuterocanonical books ( also known as the Apocrypha). This resource is especially equipped with enhanced features in The Bible Study App. The split-screen mode allows you to read the study notes, outlines, and book introductions alongside the biblical text.

New Intepreters Verision Edit

Introductions at the beginning of each biblical book highlight major themes within that book, the style of the author and his writing, and the historical and biblical context of the book. Detailed verse-by-verse notes follow the introductions and book outlines and contain helpful insights into the biblical text.


There are also over 90 excursus that help explain the thematic and theological background of the Bible text.


Students of the Bible will find new depth and insight in this work, whether newcomers to scriptural study or seasoned academics. Check out the New Interpreter’s Study Bible Notes on The Bible Study App.  Now through May 13th, you can get the New Interpreter’s Study Bible Notes, the New Interpreter’s One Volume Commentary, and the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible Complete Set for half the regular price.

The Help Center

Whether you’re new to the App, just wanting a refresher, or needing to troubleshoot a problem the Help Center is a great resource for all thing related to The Bible Study App. Click the image below to check out the various help topics for all of the devices that The Bible Study App runs on and make sure to check back for updated information and helpful tips.


Help Center

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