In our last post we talked about how Study Bibles work within the resource guide of The Bible Study App in a variety of ways that help to enhance your reading and study of God’s word. In this post we’ll look at how Bible Maps work within the App.

Bible Maps

Bible Maps give you insight into the historical layout of cities and regions in ancient times. Found in the maps category in the resource guide your map resources detect where you are in the text that you’re reading and pull up maps pertaining to that particular passage. (Click the image below for a larger view)

Resource Guide Maps

You can then tap on a map for a bigger view and even zoom in and out on the map for more details. The below map shows the regions and areas of Israel during the time that the Gospel of Matthew was written.

Resource Guide Maps1

If you’re interested in seeing how Bible Maps work in The Bible Study App on your device you can checkout a free sample here or download one from the ‘Free’ category in-app.

To browse Bible Maps and Atlases go HERE.