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Coming Soon – My Daily Pursuit – by A.W. Tozer

Now Available for The Bible Study App! - My Daily Pursuit – A Daily Devotion based on the writings of A.W. Tozer.

Thanks to the careful curation of James L. Snyder, a pastor in Tozer’s church denomination who has exclusive access to a treasure trove of unpublished Tozer content, we have Tozer’s teachings on a vast number of topics. And now, for the first time, there is a new daily devotional featuring never-before-published content. The famed evangelist Leonard Ravenhill, who knew Tozer personally, said, “To enter into Dr. Tozer’s presence was an awe-inspiring event.” Now, with My Daily Pursuit, readers will be able to do even more as they enter into the presence of Jesus every day through this awe-inspiring book.

To celebrate this upcoming release we will be highlighting a few sneak peeks into this new work. Here is the first excerpt:

January 10

O satisfy us early with Thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. - Psalm 90:14

One delightful aspect of reading the Bible is finding people who are utterly fascinated with God. Reading through the book of Psalms stirs the heart as we experience one man’s fascination with God.

Wherever God is known by the Spirit’s illumination, there exists a fascination and a high degree of moral excitement. That fascination is captured and enhanced by the presence and person of God. It is struck with astonished wonder at the inconceivable elevation and magnitude and splendor of God.

I want to begin with God and end with God. I want to know that I will have an end with God because there is no end in God. This fascination, this sense of worship is where hymns come from. Hymns come out of this sense of admiration and fascination with God.

I want to be charmed and struck with wonder at the inconceivable elevation and magnitude and moral splendor of that One I call “our Father which art in heaven.”

Love divine, all loves excelling,
Joy of heav’n, to earth come down!
Fix in us Thy humble dwelling;
All Thy faithful mercies crown!
—Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

Thy love, O God, fills me with rapturous delight at the very thought of it. Meditating upon Thy love creates in me the dissatisfaction for this world. Come, Lord Jesus, come. Amen.

Check out this new title, and other A.W. Tozer works here:

What’s New in the Windows Desktop Release

The Bible Study App for Windows Desktop, version 5.4.0 has just been released and there are two new features that you should know about!


New Automatic Sync

Now you never have to wonder if that work you did on your PC synced. Automatic sync does just what it says and will always backup your notes, highlights, and bookmarks making them available on any other device that The Bible Study App is installed on. You can check your Sync status easily by looking at the bottom of the split window on the right.

Automatic Sync


To take advantage of the Automatic Sync feature you will need a free Olive Tree Account. Sign up for one HERE. Once you’ve signed up for an account simply login on The Bible Study App and Automatic Sync will be ready to go.

New Downloadable Reading Plans

In addition to pre-installed reading plans you can now download additional reading plans. To access these, click on the My Stuff button in the split window. Then click Reading Plans> Get More Reading Plans



Click on any of the available reading plans to find out more information. Once you’ve found the one you want click “Install Free Reading Plan”. You’ll then be prompted to give it a name. Now it will be available to start under My Stuff> Reading Plans


Reading PlanPC


Do you have any other questions about this release? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact our Support team!

What’s New in the Mac Release

By Olive Tree Staff: Joe Carter

Here at Olive Tree we’re pretty excited about this latest update to the Bible Study App for the Mac.  It’s been some time since our last significant update, so we really wanted to make sure that this update was a special one!

What’s new? Here are just the highlights!

Daily Reading Plans
We now have Daily Reading built into the app, and you can start your reading in the morning on your Mac and finish in the afternoon on your iPad (or PC or Android) and with Olive Tree cloud sync, all of your devices will be up to date on where you are in your Daily Reading!
We’ve started with 60 different plans to help you engage in God’s Word with more on the horizon. We have 5, 10, and 30 day plans – and many that go the entire year (and you don’t have to wait until next January to start – you can start a new plan TODAY!). We’re really excited to make it easy to start a daily habit of spending time in God’s Word!

 Daily Reading Button in My Stuff

New Background Sync
Keep all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks and Reading Plans in sync across all your devices automatically. With this turned on, you will be kept up to date on all of the above items across all your devices as long as you have internet access!

 Automatic Updates Settings

New Quick Details
Hover your mouse cursor over links in the text to get instant details in a preview screen (Strong’s Numbers, Parsing, and Cross References, as well as alternate translations)
As before, you can click and get pop-up windows for all your links in  the text, but now you can also just hover your mouse over links in the text and get a quick view of the content in the left side window of the main page (see screenshot!)

Pop-up and Quick View Shown

Pro tip here…  you can also set another translation of the Bible to show in settings so if you hover over the verse numbers you’ll see that verse in another translation – you can select an alternate translation in your preferences as well, and then tapping the option key on your keyboard will instantly show the alternate translation. You can also hold the command key down and the app will look up whatever word your mouse cursor is over in any installed dictionaries (including the system dictionary, which is the up to date “New Oxford American Dictionary”). This even includes parsed original language texts and Strong’s Bibles. Finally, you can freeze the ‘Quick Details’ view by holding the ‘control’ key (then move your mouse over to the ‘Quick Details’ area to scroll in that view).


The Bible Study App now Automatically Checks for Updated Books and Resources in your Library
If there’s an update to a resource in your library, you’ll see a notification in the left sidebar and you can download the update whenever you choose.

Resource ready to update


Social Sharing
In this release, we’ve included integrated social sharing that allows you to share Bible Verses to your favorite social networks – for our customers running OSX 10.8 and newer.

Integrated Social Sharing


New Built-In Dictionary Support
Right-click on a word in the Bible Study App to define that word using the built-in dictionary in your Mac.  As mentioned above, you can also hover over the word and tap the command key on your Mac to get a dictionary lookup in the Quick View – using built-in dictionaries, as well as dictionaries in your library.


We’re excited about all these improvements as we feel that this update to the Bible Study App will make a real difference in the speed and ease with which you can dig into God’s word with your Mac!

What’s new in the iOS App?

The recent release of the Bible Study App has some great new features. Read on to find out more!

Notification center!

The notification center allows you to stay up to date with great content from Olive Tree. You can subscribe to things like verse of the day or verse of the week and stay up to date on new App features. To customize your subscriptions tap Subscriptions and then Notification Settings. You’ll then see options for controlling how you are notified of new content.Notification OptionsChoose what type of content you would like to subscribe to then tap ‘Subscriptions’. Now choose from the list of content you’d like delivered to your device.Subscription Options

Keep Your Devices In Sync

Besides our new notification system we’ve also added an automatic sync feature to The Bible Study App. Now your notes, highlights, bookmarks, tags, book ribbons, and reading plans will automatically sync across all of your devices.Sync
To change the settings of the automatic sync feature tap ‘Settings’ – ‘Advanced Settings’ – ‘Automatic Sync’. You can then choose to disable automatic sync or choose to only sync when connected to WiFi.

New features in the Windows Update

The latest update for Windows is out today. Here are a few of the new features that have been added.

Web site links in notes

Web site links now show as hyperlinks in the notes view and will open in the user’s default web browser. These links must start with “http://”, “https://”, or “www.”. To open one of these links hold down Ctrl and click on the link (Figure 2).






Figure 1






Figure 2

Multi-verse highlights

To access this feature click on a verse hyperlink (Figure 3) and select the highlight option. You’ll then see up and down arrows that allow you to select multiple verses to highlight (Figure 4).

Figure 3






Figure 4

Categories can be organized with drag and drop

In 5.3.1 the ability to drag annotations into a category was added. In this release that same functionality has been expanded to categories as well. From the annotation lists this allows you to move a category into another category (Figure 5).

Categories can also be organized from the managed categories view. In this view categories can be holistically managed. They can be moved into or out of each other to achieve the desired hierarchy (Figure 6).







Figure 5


Figure 6

Additional Changes
  • The current search hit now displays with a different color to differentiate it from other search results.
  • Search suggestions are now displayed when typing in the main search field.
  • Right clicking on a resource in the library views now allows you to select where the resource will be opened. This include resources shown in the quick launch sections on the left sidebar.

Free Resource Friday

This week we highlight the New English Translation (NET) of the Bible for use within The Bible Study App.

The NET Bible®, a modern translation of the Bible based entirely on the original languages, has been updated and revised, and is now available as the First Edition. It is noted to be accurate, readable and elegant, and includes a limited sample of the translator notes from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, as well as limited references to scholarly works. The unparalleled detail in these notes unlocks the riches of the Bible’s truth from entirely new perspectives.
Add it to your account by clicking HERE.

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