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Taking Notes in iPad

Here is one way you can easily take notes in The Bible Study App. You can also easily record notes side by side with your Bible in the Split Screen.



Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary

This week we’re able to offer some outstanding illustrated commentaries that are an amazing resource for use within The Bible Study App. Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary on both the New and Old Testament brings to life the ancient world in informative entries and full-color photos and graphics. Watch the videos below to see a preview and get them at a great discount HERE!




I don’t like to sing. I don’t like to worship?

Nearly every Sunday, church gatherings all across the world start out with one thing in common – singing. In many churches there are a group of people who lip sync, don’t sing at all, or purposely come to the service late so they don’t have to sing.

Unfortunately our understanding of worship is often limited to just singing songs and understandably so. In our culture today we even have a specific genre of music that we call ‘worship’ music. Often times we even evaluate Sunday church gatherings on the quality of the sermon and of the worship (music). We even have a ‘worship leader’ who is almost always the upfront person singing. It’s no wonder that singing and worship can’t be separated in our mind. As a result many people who just don’t like to sing, add two and two together.
I don’t like to sing…so I must not like to worship.”

When we look at what the Bible has to say about worship we see a far bigger picture of what worship is. Sure, we see singing and lots of it. But we also see sacrifice, commitment, and devotion. In Romans 12:1 the Apostle Paul says that if we live sacrificial lives committed to Jesus, that is true worship. I certainly don’t live my life like a Disney musical walking around singing all the time.  But when I live devoted to the things of God, committed to furthering his Kingdom, and willing to give my time -all for God -than I’m worshiping Him with my life. No singing needed.  If you have ever thought you don’t like to worship remember that singing is simply one form of worship. True worship permeates our daily actions and demands something far more than singing a song. It demands sacrifice, devotion, commitment, as well as admiration and reverence.

So why do we sing? Psalm 98:1 says, “Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him”.
This is one verse of many that reference singing as a response to what God has done. The book of Revelation paints an amazing picture of worship through song and so it’s important that we understand singing is going to be a primary activity in Heaven.

Maybe you’re thinking, “You don’t understand, my singing doesn’t even sound good in the shower!” Psalm 100:1 is just for you: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” This is good news! So if you find yourself lip syncing, not singing at all, or purposely come to the service late, let me encourage you to remember that we sing not out of tradition or duty but because of who God is and what the Lord has done for us! It’s then that our singing becomes worship. It’s only when we have had a revelation of who God is that we can really worship him and there is something powerful and very Biblical about using song to do that.

Sunday mornings are meant to be a powerful time to worship God through singing, praying, giving, fellowship and hearing God’s word. Let’s engage in these acts of worship not just when we gather together, but throughout the week, living lives committed to Jesus!


  • Besides singing what are some other ways that you worship God?
  • If you don’t normally like to sing, how have you overcome this in order to still worship God through song?
  • Outside of church gatherings where else do you worship God?

All Around the World

A couple of weeks ago we asked a question on our Facebook about what device people were using to run The Bible Study App and what country they were from. Hundreds of you were kind enough to answer (you can see the post here) and one of the things that stood out was how many people from around the world use the Bible Study App to read and study God’s word – over 3 million people from 6 continents (we’re still trying to find someone in Antarctica).

There are two reasons this is exciting to us at Olive Tree:
Matthew 24:14 says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” As many of you indicated the country you’re from it was a great reminder that God’s promises come to pass. The good news (gospel) has gone out as Jesus promised and no matter what country we’re from we are all a part of his Kingdom.

The other reason it was great to see your responses is because our work at Olive Tree is driven by our mission statement to, “inspire people to connect with God and study the Bible using technology.”  As individual employees we are all continuing to grow in our faith and blessed to be a part of a company that seeks to provide the best tool possible to study, learn, and grow.

(The Olive Tree Offices)
Last week we asked for prayer requests through our social media channels and as a staff we gathered together on a Thursday morning to pray for those of you who had submitted requests. It was a great honor for us to be able to do that and something we want to continue to do in the days ahead. We also appreciate your prayers as we are praying and planning for the future and how to best equip and resource people who use The Bible Study App.

We value your feedback and our development teams are constantly working to bring new features to the various platforms. We also appreciate your ratings! If you haven’t yet rated our app on Google Play or the Apple Store please take a minute to do so.

Prayer Causes Things To Happen

Every week employees at Olive Tree gather to pray and reflect on God’s word. Last week we were reminded about the importance of prayer and before our devotional time we watched a short video by John Piper which we thought we’d share with you today.

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