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Android Quick Tip: Change Scrolling Settings

The default setting for scrolling through a book in The Bible Study App for Android is page style. This mimics a conventional book in that it moves pages left to right on your device. You also have the option to change this to up/down or what we call ‘flick’ style scrolling. Here’s how:


Tap on Settings and then Advanced Settings

Scroll Settings1



Now select Scrolling Settings

Scroll Settings2

Now you’ll see an option to change to Flick or Page style scrolling. After selecting your preferred style The Bible Study App will need to close and restart for the settings to take affect.


Scroll Settings3



Quick Tip: Scrolling Settings

Did you know that you can change the scrolling setting for The Bible Study App on your Android or iOS mobile device?

There are two options:

  • Flick Scrolling (up/down)
  • Page Scrolling (left/right)

Here’s how you can change between the two.

First tap on the Settings Icon (regular settings button for Android phone):

Then tap ‘Advanced Settings‘ and select ‘Scrolling‘ (‘Scrolling Settings’ in Android).

From there you can select which text scrolling option you prefer to use in The Bible Study App.


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