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Android Quick Tip: Change Scrolling Settings

The default setting for scrolling through a book in The Bible Study App for Android is page style. This mimics a conventional book in that it moves pages left to right on your device. You also have the option to change this to up/down or what we call ‘flick’ style scrolling. Here’s how:


Tap on Settings and then Advanced Settings

Scroll Settings1



Now select Scrolling Settings

Scroll Settings2

Now you’ll see an option to change to Flick or Page style scrolling. After selecting your preferred style The Bible Study App will need to close and restart for the settings to take affect.


Scroll Settings3



Fully Customize The Bible Study App

If you’re like me, when I get a new app or piece of technology I don’t always read the manuals or follow the tutorials. I typically figure out how to use the main features and stop there. Because of this I sometimes miss out on some of the lesser known things that are actually pretty cool. The Bible Study App has a lot of different features, some that are different depending on the device capability, but many that are similar.

Maybe you’ve seen the setting icon before:


If you click or tap on this icon you’ll get to a simple screen that allows you to adjust the font used in The Bible Study App. But what if you go a bit deeper? Again, depending on your device, the options may vary but if you click on More Options/Advanced Settings this is where it gets fun. You can customize color and display settings and on mobile devices even customize gestures and scroll settings. There are all sorts of other options as well. If you haven’t yet checked out some of these settings don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll find that there may be some things you wish you could do…that you actually can.

If there are things you’ve customized that have been useful please share them in the comments. If there are features you’d love to see in an upcoming release let us know. We love to hear from people who are using The Bible Study App and our development teams are always working on adding great new features.

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