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Technology and the Gospel

At the end of 1998 I traveled with a small group of people into a country closed to the Gospel. We each brought a few paperback Bibles and we also brought the Bible on audio cassette. We knew that in one area we would traveling to that bringing a printed Bible wouldn’t be enough because many couldn’t read.  Not only that but they didn’t have access to current technology (at the time CD’s were current technology!) which is why we brought audio cassettes.

15 years later and it’s now estimated that more people have access to a smartphone than decent sanitation. What does this mean for missionaries and the advancement of the Gospel? It means that we live in a time where the Gospel can be transmitted like never before!

As the picture above demonstrates, we can now store over 1,600 Bibles on a Micro SD card that is smaller than a penny. If you’ve ever picked up a box of books, you know how significant the idea of being able to store an entire library’s worth of books on a memory card is. That one cassette box I hid in the bottom of my bag years ago could hold enough Micro SD cards to resource thousands of pastors.

We live in a unique time and it will be exciting to see how technology continues to be utilized in the spread of the Gospel!

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14



Technological Innovation v. Golf

Pastor and blogger Kevin Purcell interviewed Olive Tree for an article in Christian Computing Magazine on September 26. However, from my perspective as Olive Tree’s president, Kevin’s article has a big, bad word in it.


Somehow, Kevin got the idea that I am retiring. Did an asteroid hit a satellite during the interview? Or maybe a golf ball hit the window in Stephen’s office during the e-mail interview. I am learning how to golf after all, though with minimal achievement. (I call “golf”  “goof”)

Drew trying to learn golf in Christina Lake, Canada

Drew learning to golf in Christina Lake, Canada.

Kevin’s interview is great; however, I am still involved in Olive Tree as the President, especially with company leadership, software innovation, and publisher relations. There are still so many innovative ways to help people study the Bible using technology. Olive Tree is at the exciting intersection of this people, Bible, and technology triangle.


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