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New Social Share Page Design

You may or may not know that The Bible Study App gives you the ability to share scripture verses from your mobile devices. We recently updated the design of these pages.

When you share a scripture, there is a link generated as part of the post, similar to what you’ll see below:

FB Social Share

Clicking on the link will now take you to the newly designed page that looks like this:

Social Share Pages1

If you’ve never tried it before and want more information about how to share from iOS or Android devices you can find more information HERE.

(Update) Note: Not all Bible translations are supported for the Social Share feature. If your version isn’t supported the link will default so the ESV. For a list of supported translations see more.


Share what you’re reading!

One great feature in The Bible Study App is the ability share text from the Bible, a devotional, or even a study resource. You can do this from an Android or iOS device. Here’s how:

Share feature for iOS

First select the text you want to share. In the screenshot below I’ve selected two sentences from the Streams in the Desert devotional. After selecting the text (by tapping and dragging) then tap on the ‘Share’ option.

You’ll then see four different ways you can share the selected text. If you haven’t already connected the App to your social channels you’ll be prompted to do so.

Share feature for Android

Similar to iOS tap and hold or in the example below, since I want to share a Bible verse, I can also tap the verse number and select the range I want to share. Once you have your selection, tap the ‘Share’ option.

What’s different with Android compared to iOS is that you can share the selected text through a variety of other Apps you have installed on your device.

So the next time you’re reading an ebook, devotional, or a passage that really means a lot to you, try out the share option. As always we’d love to hear what you think and what other ways would make The Bible Study App an essential tool for your spiritual growth. Feel free to share any ideas in the comment section!


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