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If preachers were to jot down a short list of the things they don’t love to preach about, you would probably see “tithing” near the top of every list. Giving is integral to a life of faith, but some pastors and teachers are afraid that talking about it will come off as self-serving.

For those of you who would like a little help introducing this sensitive topic, look no further. SermonSpice is offering a short, upbeat video download for FREE that talks about what tithing is and why it’s important. It’s a great way to introduce a sermon
on the topic, or to play before the offering.

Check it out and grab it for FREE for your church!


Video and Image links for Easter

As Easter Sunday fast approaches you may be looking for media to help enhance the feel of your gatherings such as video illustrations, images, or graphics. Last week we talked about some great books for Easter and this week I thought I’d point you to a few sites for finding graphics and video. If you know of any other great sites for video illustration, graphics, or images, please share them in the comments section.


Whether you’re looking for simple background loops or powerful video illustrations, has some very affordable and downloadable videos that can be easily embedded into presentation software. Click HERE to see some of their Easter resources.


Sermon Spice has great quality videos, worship backgrounds, and service countdowns. They are also easily embedded into most presentation software and their large library all but ensures you’ll find what you’re looking for. Click HERE to see some of their Easter resources.

Photos and Graphics

If you’re looking for free and royalty free images stock.xchng is a great spot. Nearly all of the images and graphics have a free license which allows you to use them in your presentations, website, and handouts. It does require a free registration to download images and you’ll have to be creative with your search criteria but you can’t beat the price.

Share Faith is a one stop shop for graphics, powerpoint, backgrounds, images, video loops and more. Their yearly membership is very affordable but if you want to try them out first they offer a free 10 day trial.

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